LaMar’s to measure true popularity of Democratic and G.O.P nominees through sales of “Doughbama” and “McCandyCain” gourmet doughnuts.

DENVER, Colo., October 9, 2008
– Had your fill of sugary campaign promises? Eyes glazed over from erratic election polls? Eager for the hole story in the too-close-to-call race for the White House? In hopes of providing a clearer forecast of the November 4 election, LaMar’s Donuts will kick off The 2008 Presidential Donut Poll on October 9, by offering special edition “Doughbama” and “McCandyCain” donuts.

Sales of the two new donut varieties will be tracked and posted on an ongoing basis on the company Web site.

“We are very excited to get into the spirit of the 2008 election,” said Anthony Bonelli, CEO of LaMar’s Donuts, “and we’re eager to see how accurate the poll is in predicting our next president. We’ve created special donuts for the occasion and can’t wait for our customers to help us get a finger closer to the true pulse of the electorate.”

Customers can select either the “Doughbama,” a donkey-shaped donut with blue sugar or the elephant-shaped “McCandyCain” donut with red sugar. The LaMar’s Presidential donuts will be available until October 23.

About LaMar’s Donuts

Founded in 1960 by Ray Lamar, LaMar’s Donuts made its debut in Kansas City. Based on the donut shop’s phenomenal success and widespread reputation, franchises began selling in the early 1990s for bistro-style donut stores. LaMar’s now has 24 locations in six states: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. LaMar’s donuts have been recommended by Zagat’s Survey, the New Yorker and Gourmet Magazine, and have been chosen as best donut by newspapers nationwide. Additional information can be found at