The elephant-shaped Mitt Yum-ney donut barely edges out the Dough-Bama in 2012 Presidential Donut Poll

Mitt Yum-ney is Projected Narrow Winner in LaMar’s Presidential Donut Poll

LaMar’s to give gourmet donuts to voters on Election Day in select locations

Final 2012 Presidential Donut Poll Results

DENVER, Colo., November 2, 2012­­ – In a squeaker of a race between two hotly ingested candidates, LaMar’s Donuts is declaring the “Mitt Yum-ney” as the winner of the 2012 Presidential Donut Poll by less than a half-percentage point.

Since September 1, LaMar’s customers have been able to select from two limited-edition gourmet donuts on sale: the “Dough-Bama,” a donkey-shaped donut with blue sugar topping, or the elephant-shaped Mitt Yum-ney donut with red sugar. Sales of the two handmade goodies have been tracked and posted online at

As of the end of the polling October 31, the Mitt Yum-ney finishes with 50.2 percent of sales, compared to the Dough-Bama’s 49.8 percent.

Reflecting other polls, the Dough-Bama took an early lead of 3 percentage points in the first announced results, prior to the initial presidential debate. But by mid-October, the Mitt Yum-ney had moved into the lead by a 0.4-percent margin.

“We have a case of donuts imitating life,” said Kayde Pierce, spokesperson for LaMar’s Donuts. “The race has been almost too close to call, although the larger Mitt Yum-ney has proven slightly more popular, especially among voters ages 10 and younger.”

On November 6, LaMar’s Donuts in Colorado; Omaha, Nebraska; and Overland Park, Kansas, will celebrate Election Day 2012 by giving a free donut to each customer wearing an “I Voted” button or sticker.

In the 2008 LaMar’s Donuts Presidential Poll, the Dough-Bama beat out the “McCandy Cain” with 52 percent of sales. As it turned out, then-Senator Obama won the real presidential election with a nearly identical share of the popular vote: 53.7 percent.

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