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This form MUST be submitted at least 45 days in advance.

In order to effectively process, monitor and fulfill donation requests nationwide, a new system has been set up to aid both our communities and our stores.  Please complete this form or click HERE to open the PDF file to be printed.

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Disclosure Statement: Submittal of this form is a a REQUEST and is NOT a guarantee of donation. This pertains to all aspects of requests including quantities, type of donation, special requests, delivery, or availability. Donations from LaMar's Donuts are never allowed to be resold for fundraising or any other purpose(s). LaMar's Donuts reserves the right to approve or deny any submissions at any time. If your request is approved, a representative of LaMar's Donuts will contact you directly. If your request cannot be accommodated due to donation availability, scheduling conflicts or qualification approval, you will be notified by mail.